The Temptress

Chapter two of the Trilogy: "Stone, Water, Flame"

A Hybrid Adventure Documentary about temptation expressed through the storytelling of the Dinka Tribe of South Sudan, Africa.

In the indigenous world of the Dinka tribe in South Sudan Africa, they have their fables, a storytelling style that lets the audience relate their personal lives and experiences to the story being told, a story telling style that lets you dream. I was in my own creative world, listening to their fables

Alexandra Osovskaia of Moldova became the inspiration for he Temptress, based on my memories and my world, turned into a visual art form.

This magical story, set in South Sudan, Africa and Norway, highlights the fact that every advantage holds a disadvantage.

The Temptress is a filmed meditation on temptation. To be more alert is to be more alive.

After two and a half years of production, 20 thousand animation drawings, artists from Holland, USA, Israel, Romania, Poland, Kenya, South Sudan and Norway, this story has been transformed into an adult fairytale film around the world of the Dinka Tribe of South Sudan.

Our thanks go to our wonderful storytellers, mother and daughter Victoria and Ayak