The Whisperers

A hybrid movie with real people, living their dreams in a native American fable.

The Whisperers (Veasoejorksh in South Sami ) tells the story of a young indigenous girl Ellen-Sara Sparrok Larsen, The eldest child in a reindeer herding family, born to continue the 1000 year tradition in Norway.

We follow her on her journey from when she was 11 until she is 18 today.

Ellen-Sara is a unique character, being a girl rather than a boy having the responsibility carrying on her traditions. Ellen Sara stands in the middle of the progressive Norwegian society and the rich traditions of the Sør Sami reindeer herding culture, but the life of a teenager and their choices in life are questioned.

The commercial world is just so tempting for this young woman.

The Whisperers, is a teenage coming of age environment indigenous adventure.

The Whisperers is the first movie in history filmed in the South Sami indigenous language and English.

97 min | DCP | 16/9 | Colour