The Wall

A dramatized hybrid documentary “A Dream U Mentary” filmed exclusively on location in North Korea and Belfast, Northern Ireland

The WALL is based on true events from director David Kinsella’s childhood growing up in Northern Ireland, where the character David (The director of The WALL) is told a story about a women fleeing from North Korea.

The director’s exclusive production period in North Korea was so incredibly directed by the North Korean propaganda department that he has chosen to use the memory and their “rules” to create a “Dream U mentary” as a starting point for their own interpretations using advanced animation and storytelling techniques

By drawing parallels between his own childhood in The WALL in Northern Ireland, and one refugee’s story from North Korea, the film discusses how the stories and myths build both identity and the idea of – we can never trust “the others”.

The relatively simple linear story is told with a complex and original imagery, which opens and challenges different interpretations and associations, of film making, and comparing the bigotry in North Korea and Belfast Northern Ireland.

David Kinsella the director is played by a young actor “David”. Will David dare, and learn to trust the others?

The Wall is a feature length documentary completed in 2016. World premier 2017.