"The Fiancée"

David Kinsella's Auteur feature film titled The Fiancée, is an uncompromising journey of self-discovery.

LOGODNICA ("The Fiancée") 2017 book release in Romania and Moldova

Love and revenge. Two characters from the extremes of Europe. There are thousands of kilometres between Mosjøen and Chisinau, but on Facebook the distances are melting. Alisa and David enter into a charming and painful story. Everyone has his version.

Two confessions. One story.

David Kinsella is a British director, established in Norway. In fact, the blood is Irish, passionate, like all Patrick's faithful, but he chose to calm down his temper in the quiet and calm Norway that adopted him. Successful director, David is also linked to Romania, where he has many friends who know his life and passions. And one of these passions was to be transformed into a book. Without hesitation, my thoughts went to Doina Rusti, the master of words and stories that fascinated me. Like all of us, David was conquered by her narrative charm, he asked her to write his love story. Someone else sometimes sees better than hidden keys in a series of events. But that was not David's main reason. He wanted to experience the character condition. To feel on his own skin the ruthless eyes of the spectator. Of course, he imagined that Doina would follow the deeds he himself had confessed, which was impossible, given her outspoken originality. "What is the story, she asked, speaking in one voice? Every love implies an EL and an EA, two points of view. "Therefore, Doina wrote an admirable novel, from two confessions, as different, so related. Written in three months, the novel "The Fascism" brings not only David's love story, but also a parable about East and West, about the extremes of Europe.