Love Letters from a Children's Prison

This documentary focuses on Love Letters between a young man named Vladim and his girlfriend Ira as he serves a sentence for murder, in a St Petersburg prison.

Love letters from a Children's Prison brings us into a prison for teenagers. Many of the boys here will spend most of their lives in jail, convicted for hard crime murders, rapes and robbery. The main reason why they are here is poverty, alcoholism, the weakness or absence of their families, and that they see no possibility of a decent future. Thousands of young boys, living on the edge of society, are fighting to survive from one week to the next.

The film relates the story of a girl in love with a boy who is convicted for murder. They are writing love letters. She is trying to make him a better human, to prepare him for a new life outside the walls. But his fellow prisoners are teenage murderers and rapists, and their influence on him is devastating.

The film is about hope, love and young men that have become totally brutalized.

Will our young man end up as the others, or is there a possibility that Ira can save him with her love?